Master Your Stress and You Will Be the Master of Your Life

Embrace A New Way Of Living

with a New Way of Thinking!

Improve Your Health and Relationships!

Stress is an epidemic causing physical and mental issues and it can destroy relationships!

Are you like me? Have you tried everything from books, seminars, webinars, and week long retreats to reduce stress yet nothing works?

I finally prayed for a solution to stress and Pause Breathe Proceed flooded my heart and IT WORKS!

To reduce stress, anxiety, and other feelings and emotions we must first pause to understand what is going on within us, breathe to understand why and only then can we proceed to take appropriate action.

It is not complicated, it is self awareness and situational awareness

It is within our power to improve our health and relationships

We offer keynote presentations, business culture transformations, as well as individual and group education.

We keep it simple and relatable because no one has the capacity for much more.

By opening hearts and freeing minds we create lasting change.

Our Solutions lead to a brighter tomorrow where

hopes and dreams are alive and thrive!

Keynotes that educate

but don't bore!

Toolkits to create new habits and change lives!

Keynotes that educate

and don't bore!

Tools to create new habits and change lives!

Business Culture Transformations

Roadmap to A New Way of Living Online Course

Business Culture Transformations

"Roadmap to A New Way of Living" Online Course

Change Your World With 3 Simple Steps

Do Them Anywhere, Anytime- No need to sit on a yoga mat or light incense!


For self and situational awareness


To calm your nervous system


In love and kindness to yourself and others

Pause Breathe Proceed is emotional intelligence and mindfulness made shockingly simple and profoundly powerful. It can be done anywhere, anytime — in meetings, in mid-conversation, while driving your car or brushing your teeth. It's simple enough for kids, yet effective enough for the business world. Let us guide you on your journey.

Why Us?

Pause Breathe Proceed understands your struggle.

If a solution to stress isn't easy to understand and use, it causes more stress.

Chaos and overwhelm keep us so preoccupied that we let stress rule our life.

I am not stress free but I own my stress and I am free! - Karen Wright

Are you living your dream live? Have your hopes been buried?

Do you even have a moment to think about let alone plan your future?

Connect with us! YOU CAN live the life YOU dream of with less stress and more joy!

Better health and relationships


Our Mission

Pause Breathe Proceed helps you reduce stress and find calm

in order to think clearly and make choices to live a
healthy life of peace, power, and purpose.

The Problem With Conventional Solutions To Stress

They’re a shot in the dark

Ever been treated for stress symptoms without really understanding the problem?

It's like fixing a leak without knowing where it's coming from - frustrating and pointless.

At Pause Breathe Proceed we are all about demystifying stress.

Understanding your stress gives you power over your life.

Are you ready to take back your power?

What Makes Pause Breathe Proceed Different ?

It really works! And here's why . . .

We Make Stress Relief Feel Like Second Nature

In a world where every second counts, fitting in those zen moments can seem impossible. We get it - between work, family, and Netflix, who's got time to meditate for hours?

That's where Pause Breathe Proceed comes in. We're not here to add to your to-do list. Our simple, no-fuss approach slips seamlessly into your day. No complicated yoga poses, just real-life solutions.

Navigating Through the Chaos: Keeping It Simple

So many solutions, so little clarity. It's like a never-ending buffet - you end up stuffed but still hungry for real results.

Pause Breathe Proceed is your stress GPS. One you know it, you can't un-know it. You don't just close our book and go back to the same old life.

With our friendly reminders, weekly pauses, emails, and private Facebook group we'll guide you on your journey to your much-needed peace of mind.

Say goodbye to the overwhelm and hello to a happier and balanced life.

A Solution As Comfortable As Your Favorite Sweatpants

Pause Breathe Proceed isn't just another solution to be tossed up to "I tried". It's like your favorite sweatpants - comfy, easy, and perfect for everyday wear.

The more you practice Pause Breathe Proceed, the better it gets. As you slowly understand yourself you will absolutely find peace, power, and purpose!

Say goodbye to the days of feeling lost in the chaos. Say hello to a life where peace, power, and purpose reign supreme.

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